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SSC Tuatara to take the fight to Koenigsegg

By Chris Thompson, 13 Aug 2018 News

SSC Tuatara to fight Koenigsegg news

The company behind the record-breaking Ultimate Aero is at it again

SSC North America will reveal the 2019 SSC Tuatara at Monterey Car Week, after more than half-a-decade has elapsed since it was first announced.

Named for a New Zealand lizard which has a faster rate of evolution than any other animal according to studies, the Tuatara has been teased in three shadowy photos which somewhat reveal the car’s silhouette.

SSC North America says the Tuatara “boasts an unmatched drag coefficient, track-level handling characteristics, and a top speed that is projected to easily surpass the current world record.”

For this to be true, it will have to beat the current record held by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which is an astonishing 447km/h.

This is plausible for two reasons, this first (and most concrete) being that SSC has held a ‘world’s fastest car’ record in the past when the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s record was deemed to be breaking the rules – its speed limiter was disabled – while the SSC Ultimate Aero was second-in-line for the title. That car hit 412km/h.

The second reason is that, over the last few years since the Tuatara was first announced, technology has allowed cars to be faster than ever before, meaning the Tuatara’s original top speed claim of 445km/h is within reach, and an extra 3-or-so km/h on top of that isn’t a huge stretch.

“Years of methodical engineering applied to the Tuatara will be revealed in the unparalleled performance, driver experience, and striking presence of the car.”

It should boast more than 1000kW and 1400Nm if its outputs are to top its original concept, which was powered by a 6.9-litre billet aluminium V8, designed by SSC North America. The whole car weighed in at 1247kg dry.

It’s uncertain how much resemblance the new Tuatara will bear to its original concept, so keep an eye out for the Tuatara on August 24 During Monterey Car Week.