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'The Collection’ is our celebration of the greatest automotive photography in Australia

By Alex Inwood, 03 Sep 2019 News

'The Collection’ is our celebration of the greatest automotive photography in Australia

Wheels has long prided itself on featuring the best photography in the country, and now we have put together a whole magazine celebrating exactly that

An image’s ability to transport us somewhere extraordinary is remarkable. We’ve all felt it, this magical power, this invisible influence, even if you haven’t been fully aware of its effects. Often it’ll manifest itself with a physical symptom, like a low whistle or a slow shake of the head, as you stare and drink in the detail. It’s this reaction, and the ability of an image to make us feel unadulterated wonder, that makes scrolling through Instagram so addictive (I can’t be the only one, surely?).

It’s also a big part of why we buy car magazines.

Reviews and hardcore consumer advice might be the backbone of Wheels magazine, but world-class photography has always been just as important. I won’t resort to clichés about what images are worth in words, but you only need to behold a shot of Peter Robinson airborne in a McLaren F1, or to feel the poignancy of an FJ Holden captured at sunset on a dirt road (like the award-winning image that graced the cover of our Holden farewell issue in November 2017), to understand that a picture is capable of delivering something special.

As a medium for firing our imaginations and for indulging a desire to escape, a beautifully crafted magazine offers a tactile experience that’s almost unrivalled. Especially one that’s full of world-class photography, which, dear readers, is precisely what we have created.

On sale now is the first ever ‘Wheels: The Collection’; a brand-new, special edition of your favourite car mag dedicated solely to revelling in beautiful photography. Our ethos sums it up perfectly: Epic cars. Epic locations. Epic images.

It’s something of a hat-tip to the brilliant people wielding the camera, of course, but the purpose of this magazine runs deeper. Remember that transporting thing I mentioned earlier? Every image that is featured is designed to put you in the frame; to enable your motoring fantasies by capturing the essence of a memorable moment.

It’s also an acknowledgement that a petrolhead’s love of cars goes beyond how they look and how they go around corners. It’s about how they make us feel. A truly great photograph isn’t only able to capture that great intangible, it’s also able to deliver a sense of atmosphere, speed, occasion, and location.

Over 120 pages you’ll find striking images that do just that, compiled from some of the most remarkable adventures this magazine has embarked upon in its modern era. Every one is infused with that great power of placing you behind the wheel. Make sure to pick up a copy!