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The 'real' Jeremy Clarkson joins Twitter

05 Apr 2012 News

The ‘real’ Jeremy Clarkson joins Twitter

The real Jeremy Clarkson has joined Twitter — or so it would appear.

The real Jeremy Clarkson has joined Twitter — or so it would appear.

After many imitation profiles on the social media site, the controversial and outspoken presenter of Top Gear has finally caved in, revising his famously opposed stance to tweeting.

Clarkson’s first couple of tweets were certainly in keeping with the BBC2 show presenter’s usual pithy style, reading, “I’m a bit tired”, followed by an insightful update of “I’m still tired”.

The account signature is @jcrclarksonesq and was registered on Twitter on 17 March, already having accrued 97,386 followers.

During his time as lead presenter on Top Gear, Clarkson — along with help from co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May — has embroiled himself in more than a few contentious debates stemming from his comments.

Known for making derisory remarks — including insulting truck drivers, Mexicans and striking public sector workers in the past — Clarkson’s Twitter feed is yet to display any antagonistic material.

However, from the comments already made, and the account’s profile picture — a bespectacled Clarkson in a pair of comedy glasses — it certainly looks to be the real Jeremy Clarkson.

There’s plenty of motoring content as well as crossover antics from the screen, with Clarkson tweeting, “James May and I have decided we are not going to follow Richard Hammond”, and a picture of the pair singing in a karaoke bar with the line, “James and I have new careers”.

There’s also the obligatory (for Clarkson) stab at Piers Morgan posted on his Twitter feed: “Why is everyone talking about Piers Morgan. All he does is present a small show on a small channel in a small country”.

The two have been involved in a long-running feud after Morgan, then editor of The Daily Mirror newspaper, published compromising pictures of Clarkson. The Top Gear star later punched the journalist at the British Press Awards.

The account is yet to be fully verified, but the evidence strongly points towards this being the official Twitter profile of social media luddite Mr Clarkson himself.