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This Audi Quattro hillclimb compilation is an auditory treat

By Chris Thompson, 07 Dec 2017 News

Quattro compilation might be the best five-pot sounds collection we’ve heard

Audi quattro S1 hillclimb banner

Hearing an Audi Quattro’s five-pot on the limit is something that creates responses in us that we probably can’t write about, and this compilation is maybe one of the best we’ve seen.

We watch a lot of hillclimb, motorsport, and drift videos here at MOTOR, but this is definitely in the top picks for the week.

YouTuber HillClimb Monsters is a reliable go-to for our Group B-era car fix, with the likes of the Audi Quattro, Ford RS200s, Lancia Deltas, and early hot-hatches showing up regularly.

What the uploader has done now, is grab all the best-sounding clips of Audi Quattros, both S1 and S2, and mashed them up into one mega-compilation lasting 11 minutes.

Audi Quattro S1 ProSpeed hillclimb
We approve.

However, one of the cars which features heavily in this video also has its own dedicated clip which is definitely worth a look.

An Audi Quattro S1 replica with 575kW, built by a Bulgarian outfit called ProSpeed, looks and sounds absolutely incredible.

The yellow and white monster would be easy to spot, even if you couldn’t already her it a few minutes before it appeared.

Driven right on the limit by apparent fan favourite driver (according to the uploader) Nikolay Zlatkov, the S1 doesn’t fail to draw that same response we can’t write about.

Lastly, an interesting battle took place this year between the ProSpeed S1, and a more modern tribute, built from a current Audi S1.

The Quattro S1 vs S1 quattro battle is confusing to write about, but awesome to watch. We still feel like we’re always going to pick the old-school belter as the better car.

Group B cars never fail to excite.