Limited edition Tickford Trans-Am Mustang is a tribute to the Coca-Cola racer

Allan Moffat’s ‘Coca-Cola Mustang’ is being paid homage by Tickford with a limited edition special

Tickford Trans Am Mustang Jpg

Allan Moffat’s 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302 Mustang race car has been tributed with a limited edition run of Tickford ‘Trans-Am’ Mustangs in the style of the original car.

Fitted with the ‘Tickford 400’ tune, which Tickford claims put out 400kW with the N/A 5.0-litre V8 only requiring an ECU tune.

Two versions of the Trans-Am are available, though the whole run is limited to 100 cars.

Replica front grille lights, an under-bonnet chassis strut bar, and identical replicas of the original car’s wheels are featured on both the Performance Edition and Performance Plus Edition, but the plus edition cops bigger Wilwood 6 (front) and 4-pot (rear) brakes.

Tickford Trans Am Mustang Rear Jpg

The lower spec kit costs $32,995, excluding the cost of the Race Red donor car supplied by a customer, while the Plus version is a significantly higher $52,995.

Tickford says customers of the Plus version are also given “the opportunity to participate in a number of unique Allan Moffat experiences and allow customers to hear first-hand from the man himself via various events and activities around the country.”

Moffat himself was involved in the project, as was the case with Tickford’s Bathurst '77 Special, and says he’s quite proud of how it turned out.

Allan Moffat With Tickford Trans Am Mustang Jpg

“The Tickford Trans-Am is probably the most exciting car project I have ever been part of. It has made an old racer like me feel proud of my racing history and what I have been involved with,” Moffat said, apparently forgetting that perhaps his racing career is the most exciting car project that he’s been part of.

“My original '69 Trans-Am Mustang was an incredible race car and I have so many great memories of the battles I won on track.”

Tickford Trans Am Mustang Engine Jpg

Tickford boss Rod Nash said the Trans-Am is a representation of the brand’s “commitment in developing new and exciting engineering-led projects.”

“Building on the success of recent projects such as the Bathurst '77 Special, the Trans-Am has been a close collaboration with Allan Moffat, using resources from Tickford Racing to deliver a truly remarkable Mustang.”


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