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Toyota GR Supra vs rivals on price

By Cameron Kirby, 20 May 2019 News

Toyota GR Supra vs rivals on price

We list eight sports car alternatives you can buy for the same price as the new A90 Toyota GR Supra

Toyota has finally revealed the price it expects Aussies to pay for the highly anticipated GR Supra, and it’s time to compare it against other enthusiast-focused vehicles.

Toyota Supra GR pricing

The ‘entry-level’ GT variant will have a sticker price of $84,900 plus on-road costs, while the GTS which adds a head-up display, 19” forged alloy wheels, sport brakes with red callipers and the options of red leather accented or Alcantara seats will start at $94,900.

Putting the price of Toyota’s sporting flagship into perspective is the fact just two other models from the manufacturing giant are more expensive – the petrol LC200 Sahara, at $114,830, and diesel-powered variant of the same SUV at $119,930.

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According to our readers and compared to expectations, the re-born Japanese cult car seems a tad expensive. So, how does that compare to other sports cars, we hear you ask.


Let’s start with the obvious comparison that is the Supra’s development twin, the BMW Z4. Starting at $84,900 for the four-cylinder sDrive20i, Z4 pricing steps up to $104,900 for the more powerful four-pot sDrive30i, while the six-cylinder M40i will cost customers $124,900. The latter is the same engine used in both Supra variants.

When it comes to front-engine, rear-drive two door coupes, the field of rivals is limited to the BMW M2, Ford Mustang GT, and Chevrolet Camaro 2SS.

Ford Mustang GT

The Blue Oval’s offering is the cheapest option on this list, coming in at $62,990 and $65,990 depending on whether you opt for a six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic ‘box. For the money, you get 339kW and 556Nm from a 5.0-litre V8 – considerably more than the Supra’s 250kW and 500Nm from a turbocharged straight-six. However, when it comes to exclusivity, the Mustang falls short, and the Supra’s dynamic ability remains to be tested.

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Chevrolet Camaro 2SS

HSV’s converted Camaro is a little closer in price, starting at $85,990 for the manual, and $89,100 for a 10-speed auto. Power is delivered via a 6.2-litre atmo V8, with 339kW and 617Nm lighting up the rear treads. Glorious.


BMW’s most affordable M2 is the Competition Pure, listed at $99,900 whether you option it with an automatic or manual transmission. With an extra turbo than the Supra (it now shares the same engine as the M3, but tuned differently), the M2’s straight-six produces 302kW/550Nm.

Baby Godzilla

The Supra’s traditional rival has been the GT-R in previous generations, but with a cavernous price difference it now seems the 370Z is the more logical rival. NISMO variants of the atmo V6 coupe start at $61,490, with a self-shifting version costing $63,990. But having recently turned ten-years old, it’s a bit of an automotive relic on the showroom.

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Alpine A110

Alpine’s A110 sports car comes in three different trims, each powered by the same 1.8-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 155kW and 320Nm. The lightest, and cheapest, is the Pure, which costs $97,000, while the mid-spec Legende has a sticker price of $103,500, and the flagship Premiere costs $106,500.

Porsche 718 Cayman

With the Supra at an almost $100,000 price point, it’s likely customers will also be cross-shopping with arguably the greatest sports car manufacturers in the world – Porsche. The 718 Cayman starts at $114,900 for a manual, while the PDK is listed at $117,900.

Could the new six-cylinder 718 Cayman Touring be the perfect Porsche sports car?

Audi RS3

Perhaps left of centre as a direct rival for the Supra, but worth considering, is the Audi RS3, that uses a 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder producing 294kW and 480Nm to sprint from a standstill to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds. The cost? $80,611.

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