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Why is Australia so far behind the curve on Toyota Supra pricing?

By Andy Enright, 15 Jan 2019 News

Why is Australia so far behind the curve on Toyota Supra pricing?

You’re going to have to wait a while to find out prices, but a four-pot Supra’s also on the cards for Oz

IF YOU live in the UK, you know exactly how much you’re going to be asked for the new A90 Supra.

The same goes for if you live in the United States. Aussies, however will have a very long wait before they get to find out how much one of 2019’s most eagerly awaited cars will cost. Why?

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“We’re still working through pricing,” said Manager, Public Affairs Brodie Bott, sounding as if a car that has been teased for an eternity has managed to sneak up on Toyota Australia and catch the company unawares.

We know UK cars range between £52,695 and £56,945, while US models kick off at $49,990 and top out at $55,250. Both the US and the UK already have their launch ranges detailed, with equipment lists and colour choices fully specified.

Here in Australia, we’ll have to wait until close to the model’s launch in Q3 or Q4 of this year to get any indication of pricing and trim.

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“We haven’t had a car like this for a very long time,” says Bott. It’s put to him that exactly the same applies to the US.

“That’s a different situation. The US has far bigger volumes than us. They’re around ten times larger than we are. It’s also dependent on when we get stock. We’re still working through the sales process for the car,” he explains.

“We’ll just get the six cylinder engine at the moment,” he says.

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Does that mean that a version with a different engine is on the way?

“There may be a four-cylinder car later,” he responds.

The Japanese market is set to receive a pair of BMW B48 turbocharged four-cylinder engines, developing either 147 or 190kW. It’s doubtful we’d get that entry-level motor as it’s below even the power output of the manual 86 coupe, but the 190kW version looks an interesting alternative to help lower that as-yet unknown Supra asking price.

Given that the BMW Z4 with which the Supra shares most of its oily bits retails at around $80,000, that’s not a bad ballpark to start your budgeting from.

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Australian buyers usually demand a high-spec option and our entry-level specification could well mirror that of the UK-market GR Supra Pro. That car is equipped with adaptive suspension, an active differential and high-performance brakes. Inside, dual-zone climate control, 8.8-inch infotainment with sat nav, adaptive cruise control, LED headlights, rain-sensing wipers and a rear-view camera. That’s in addition to black leather upholstery, a 12-speaker JBL sound system, head-up display and wireless smartphone charging.

Until the tail end of the year, we won’t know for sure. The lucky country? Not this time. In the meantime click through our monster gallery of Supra images and let us know how you’d specify yours.

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