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Toyota reveals S-FR Racing Concept

By Louis Cordony, 04 Dec 2015 News

Toyota reveals S-FR Racing Concept

Hard-top MX-5 rival concept goes steroidal

Toyota has amped up interest in its S-FR coupe by revealing a meaner racing-style concept.

Due to be shown at Tokyo Auto Salon next January, the S-FR Racing Concept throws away the perky looks of the original concept, which debuted only months ago, and replaces them with a theme more familiar with track machinery.

With the job given to Gazoo Racing, one of Toyota’s racing and tuning arms, the S-FR will appear in January with a bevy of aerodynamic additions, hinting at the enthusiasm Toyota has for the S-FR idea.

Toyota reveals S-FR-Racing Concept rearModifications start with racing wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s at either end of the car’s 2470mm wheelbase, held in place by mono-lock wheel nuts.

Carbon-fibre skirts bridge the bodywork between its rolling stock, and match the aggressive front bumper, canards, and extremely detailed racing-spec diffuser at the Racing Concept’s rear.

Toyota reveals S-FR-Racing Concept sideDetails like bonnet latches, external battery switch access, and a central mounted exhaust tip further the fantasy however, our curiosity, and imagination, hone in on the car’s front bumper.

Toyota didn’t reveal what engine was mated to the road concept’s six-speed manual, but the scrubbing-board sized intercooler lurking behind the Racing Concept front grille suggests turbocharging is involved here.

Toyota reveals S-FR Racing Concept backThe S-FR at 4.1m long and 1.7m wide mimics Mazda’s fourth-generation MX-5’s size, a car that’s recently launched to considerable popularity, and also relies on cornerstones like 50:50 weight distribution, independent suspension all round, and rear drive for involving driving.

Toyota reveals S-FR Racing Concept frontWhere the S-FR Racing Concept would fit in to Toyota’s model line-up is unclear, with the original concept mooted as an idea for an entry-level sports car. All Toyota says is the Racing Concept aims for a “more aggressive look” on the S-FR.

None the less, it looks fantastic, and we should be treated to more information come January when the Racing Concept is officially revealed at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.