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Trio of Ford heroes invades HSV auction

By Chris Thompson, 15 Dec 2017 News

Ford at auction banner

An XR6 Sprint, BF2 Cobra and XY GT are up for grabs this weekend

If you were looking at the lots for this weekend’s Lloyds HSV auction and thought something was out of place, you were right. Three Blue Ovals have invaded Lion territory.

While much talk is happening about the HSV W1 currently up for grabs at the auction, a 1971 Ford Falcon XY GT is not doing a bad job of keeping up in terms of bids, with a solid $181,000 racked up on the afternoon before the bidding ends.

The HSV still has it beat with $215K set to it so far.

The GT is an auto with 24,350 miles, or 39,179km, showing on the odometer, and its interior looks almost immaculate, especially for a car of its age that has actually been used.

It also sports what looks to be Allan Moffat’s signature from 1999, though no mention is made of this in the listing.

Keeping the XY company are two more slightly more modern Blue Ovals, one being a BF Series 2 Cobra from 2008.

The special edition Falcon is an homage to the Cobras raced by Moffat and Colin Bond in the late ‘70s, which is where the BFII Cobra’s white-with-blue paint is drawn from.

Lloyds says: “Only 126 BFII Falcon Cobras with 6 speed transmission were manufactured that year & this is one of those unique 126 vehicles.”

But the nostalgia doesn’t end there, with one of the last Aussie Ford heroes also up for grabs.

An XR6 Sprint with only 1227km on the clock is set to be sold off this weekend, with bidding currently sitting at $33,000.

It’s in the “the iconic Ford hue of Kinetic blue,” and sports the number 86 of 500.

If you’re a Ford fan and want an excuse to go peek at some HSVs, this trio is your golden ticket.