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Trophy Truck sets world record jump

By Louis Cordony, 06 Sep 2016 News

Bryce Menzies breaks Guinness World Record

Trophy Truck sets world record jump

One man has flown further than anyone else in a truck, launching 116m to snare the Guinness world record.

Bryce Menzies, a former Frozen Rush and Baja 500 champ, has earned himself a Guinness World Record after jumping a Red Bull/Pennzoil Pro 2 off-road truck over a ‘Ghost Town’ in New Mexico, USA.

Helping him conquer the previous official 91m truck distance record, and Tanner Foust’s unofficial 101m jump, Menzies used a specially designed 671kW truck with modified weight balance, higher-pressure tyres, and injectors.

The record was achieved on a test jump before a succeeding one ended in a crash – and luckily only a broken shoulder for Menzies – cancelling an attempt for live TV.

And if you need any reminder what’s at stake here, check out Guerlain Chicherit’s botched attempt for GoPro in 2014.