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All new homes in the UK to get electric car charging points

By Andy Enright, 16 Jul 2019 News

All new homes in the UK to get electric car charging points

$715m project set to propel the UK into the EV fast lane. Could Australia follow suit?

ELECTRIC car charging points will be built into every new UK home as part of a proposal by the Department for Transport. The legislation will make it compulsory for all new houses, apartments and offices to be furnished with external charging point installations, to kickstart the migration to electric vehicles.

What’s more, the department has suggested that chargers be fitted to urban street lighting posts to cater for existing users who only have access to on-street parking.

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Transport secretary Chris Grayling isn’t backwards about coming forwards on the impact of the plan, calling it “the biggest overhaul in road transport technology since the development of the Benz patent motorcar 130 years ago”.

The cost of developing the infrastructure project will be borne by private companies and represent an integral part of the UK government’s “Road to Zero” policy, which is designed to reduce new car emissions to “effectively zero” by 2040.

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Given that Australia has long been an EV holdout due to distances and the particular economic conditions regarding fuel and electricity pricing, could such a policy work here?