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V8 Volvo with straight pipes = awesome

By Dylan Campbell, 11 Dec 2015 News

V8 Volvo with straight pipes = awesome

Meet the V8 Volvo that sounds better than an AMG

Want a V8 Volvo that sounds like an AMG? Step this way.

A YouTube user in Poland has posted video of his 2007 4.4-litre V8-powered S80 with straight pipes.

True, the pipes aren’t straight the whole way (and these videos are a year old) but user V-Told is still working away on his custom system. And did post a video without any mufflers at all.

“This is what it sounds like with everything after first catalytic converters removed,” he says. “Insane sound, lacks deep tones though.”

A Volvo that sounds like a NASCAR, and that’s only revving to 6000 of a possible 7000 rpms.

In a sense it’s not surprising, as the S80’s B8444S V8 is the same one in the Volvo V8 Supercar.

That engine, though, is obviously mounted north-south and rear-drive. The road car’s is east-west, and hooked up to an all-wheel drive system.

The road car has a lot less power, 232kW and 440Nm, but with this custom set-up sounds better than most bog-stock V8 Commodore we’ve tested.

It was at 2:50 in this video we had to pause to check if any V8 S80s were for sale.

The exhaust is custom – the rear cats, gone (not that we endorse that), and the centre mufflers replaced with straight pipes (that, we might endorse).

Two custom mufflers with “very, very little soundproofing material” are all that sits between a nice bellow and tinnitus.

“This exhaust will be further modified so I expect some more videos to come,” said V-Told a month ago.

We’ll be watching – or listening, more like it.

(And by the way, V8 S80s were $95,950 brand new. There’s one for $17K in South Oz with 180,000km.)