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Volvo XC60 and S90 recalled for unsecure seats

By Tom Fraser, 01 Apr 2019 News

Volvo XC60 and S90 recalled for unsecure seats

Volvo warns that the affected models may not have a crucial bolt in the front seat rail

Volvo Australia has issued a recall for 99 examples of its S90 and XC60 models, due to the possibility of a missing nut on the front seat rail.

Possibly affecting the car’s safety in the event of an accident, the missing nut is important in the seat structure and may cause the seat to be unstable and deform during a crash.

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Concerned owners of the S90 and XC60 are advised to contact their Volvo dealership and organise an inspection to see if their model is plagued by the anomaly, with affected cars to be rectified if necessary.

A full list of affected VIN signatures can be found here, with 99 cars through model years 2018-2019 recalled.