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VIDEO: Warren Luff drifts a Subaru BRZ for Bridgestone

By MOTOR Staff, 25 Jan 2019 News

Bridgestone asked us to make a video for them, so obviously skids were a must

Warren Luff drifts a Subaru BRZ Bridgestone news

We’re happy to praise ourselves here: MOTOR’s video team and output quality has taken big steps lately. And it’s been noticed.

So when Bridgestone needed a video to promote its Potenza tyres, they came to us.

The result is a montage of hard driving and skids with the MOTOR team behind it – primarily our own gun driver and racer Warren Luff.

It should be said that although MOTOR’s video team produced this video, it’s not us editorially praising the tyres used, nor is it Bridgestone sponsoring a MOTOR video. This is a Bridgestone video.

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This is our video team working in their capacity as media professionals for a third party to produce something awesome.