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World Time Attack Challenge 2017 in pictures

By Chris Thompson, 19 Oct 2017 News

Mazda 767B exterior

We captured some of the most striking moments of WTAC ’17 in Sydney

This year’s World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) was the eighth iteration of the annual gathering of kilowatt junkies.

And while the noise and fanfare of being present at WTAC is unmatchable, not everyone can be there. So we’re bringing one aspect of it to you – the spectacle.

We’ve got a full WTAC de-brief on the way in the mag, but for now enjoy these brilliant photographs, both in the gallery at the top of this page and in our highlights below.


Keiichi Tsuchiya: The Drift King

Essentially the real life Takumi Fujiwara (though, in reality the inspiration for the Initial D character), veteran racer Keiichi Tsuchiya and his own AE86 were the stars of the WTAC show.

Toyota-Hot-Version-AE86.jpgRather than Block-like displays of smoke and noise, Tsuchiya is known for precision and control during drifts, which is arguably less spectacular – but more impressive.

At WTAC, he was given a crack at the PlayStation simulator which was running the new Gran Turismo Sport game. He didn’t reveal his Tsukuba Circuit lap time.

Keiichi-Tsuchiya.jpgThe Mazda 767B

The 1989 Le Mans racer wasn’t victorious, but it’s still a hell of a spectacle. 

Mazda-767B-front.jpgThe 767B followed on from the slightly more successful 787B, and shares a similar shape and a four-rotor 13J.

It revs to 9000rpm, and sounds like heaven. Or hell.

Mazda-767B.jpgTim Slade and the MCA Hammerhead

Supercars driver Tim Slade deserves props for his efforts from behind the wheel of the MCA ‘Hammerhead’ S13 Nissan Silvia.

Supercars- Tim Slade.jpgClaiming the fastest lap of the weekend is a big feat, and beating his personal best from his Supercars outing is even better.

In August, he achieved a lap of 1:28.9.

At WTAC, 1:20.97. And that was on road-legal semi-slicks.

Slade-and-MCA-Hammerhead.jpgA full, in-depth feature of WTAC ’17 is coming in the December issue of MOTOR.