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Yokohama releases cult hero retro rubber for ‘80s JDM icons

By Cameron Kirby, 26 Oct 2017 News

Yokohama releases cult hero retro rubber for ‘80s JDM icons

Owners of 1980s Japanese icons will now be able to buy period-correct tyres to match

Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama has proven the adage that everything old is cool again, by announcing it is re-releasing one of its iconic tyre designs.

The Advan HF Type D tyre was first released in 1981, but has been given a new lease on life with a production ‘reprint’.

Advan is the sporty sub-brand of Yokohama, and its HF Type D tyres shod a variety of Japanese sports cars and were even factory-fitted to Porsches at one point.

While the period correct rubber is currently only available from Advan’s online shop in Japan, Yokohama has stated it plans to sell the reprint in other countries.

The rubber will fit 13-, 14-, and 15-inch rims, in a range of sizes.

Iconic ‘80s cars like the Nissan 280ZX, Mazda FC RX-7, and Toyota AE86 have developed fanatical cult followings over the decades since their release, with some owners fastidiously restoring or maintaining them in period-correct trim. This new tyre will have them jumping with joy as they can now finally have the rubber to match the metal.

While the reprint has the same tread pattern as the original HF Type D, it’s understood the new tyres will be produced with a modern compound.

The idea of classic sports cars, with period-correct tyres packing modern levels of grip is sure to bring a smile to any true enthusiast.