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Zenvo TSR-S crazy rear wing looks broken, isn’t

By Andy Enright, 25 May 2018 News

Zenvo TSR-S crazy rear wing looks broken, isn’t

Video shows off full-tilt active aero of this 866kW Danish hypercar

It’s called the Centripetal Wing and it’s the most interesting thing about the Zenvo TSR-S. True, the rest of the car isn’t exactly a snoozefest given that it packs 866kW from a 5.8-litre supercharged V8, features a seven-speed dog-box transmission and will accelerate to 200km/h in 6.8 seconds.

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Despite all of that it’s that rear wing that we just can’t take our eyes off. With two rotational axes, it can be tilted fore and aft to change its angle of attack and act as an air brake, but it’s also mounted to gas rams that tilt it as the car turns, in theory increasing its aerodynamic effectiveness.

As much as you’d instinctively expect the wing to lean into the corner, it actually tilts away from the apex, doubling its weird-burger look.

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We’d want to see some convincing comparison numbers for mid-corner downforce from Zenvo to assess whether this is anything other than an eye-catching gimmick, but it certainly catches your attention. And that trackday at Assen in the Netherlands? There’s an invitation you’d like to be on.

Pic and video courtesy of Car Spotter Jeroen