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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 22 now live

By WhichCar staff, 07 Jun 2019 Podcast

WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 22 now live

The povo-to-premium revolution continues, navigating the trackday minefield and the SUV equivalent of a nose-job

The team of regulars is decimated as Andy and Scott temporarily bow out to fulfil deadline duties, but the WhichCar Weekly podcast powers on unhindered with worthy custodians in the hot seats.

Returning to the WCW mic, Tony introduces the new Volkswagen Touareg – the model that not only marks a new generation of the car maker’s flagship SUV but a further push by the brand into a more premium market place.

Following a similar strategy to the Mazda 3, Volkswagen is hunting a more luxury focused customer but can the German giant convince a discerning public to steer away from such established rivals? And what effect is it having on the lower end of the market?

Alex puts down his mouse for 30 minutes to talk about a recent trip to Austria where he got behind the wheel of the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe. Following in the tyre tracks of the godfather of coupe SUVs – the BMW X6, Porsche is trying something different and entering the fray with an altogether altered model compared with the standard Cayenne.

Are coupe-profiled SUVs starting to make sense or are they still an expensive indulgence where the more you pay, the less you get?

And finally, as he polishes his spanners and oils his trunnions in preparation for another day on the circuit, Tony gives us the beginner’s guide to trackdays.

How much do you need to spend, how much time will you spend under your car verses in it and what kind of strange personalities can you expect to encounter? He also has a top tip on how to stay nourished at the track side.

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