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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 72 now live

By Daniel Gardner, 06 Oct 2020 Podcast

BMW X2 M Mesh Edition

Making a mesh of car names and the antidote to mundane motors

BMW, the brand that built an empire on high-performance cars exemplified by the M-Power halo, has launched a version of its front-wheel drive BMW X2 SUV than borrows the coveted M badge ... and a nicer grille.

Scotty is not happy. Actually it seems none of this week’s WhichCar Weekly panel is delighted about the BMW X2 M Mesh Edition, and that’s the way Chris, Dan and Scott kick off the chat.

Is the German giant pulling a clever marketing trick, broadening its range and increasing accessibility at the entry level, or is it sacrilege to slap the M onto a car that is many, many rungs beneath the true range of high-performance flagships?

BMW X2 M Mesh Edition

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Later, the WCW team decides to break from the tradition of opinionated esoteric ranting and offer some borderline useful consumer advice.

For a majority of Australians, a car is not something to get excited about and falls into the same consumer goods category as a lawnmower and kettle. Perhaps that’s why many of the most popular models on sale are a bit dull.

Not necessarily bad cars, just boring. But the WCW panel is here to offer three alternatives to five of Australia’s most bought but soporific cars:

If any of them are on your consideration list, tune in to find out what you should be buying instead.

Death Becomes Her
Death Becomes Her/Mitsubishi ASX. Image credit: Universal Pictures

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