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BMW 435i M Performance review

By Scott Newman, 30 Jan 2016 Reviews

BMW 435i M Performance review

Wanna stand out? Then add some bling to your Beemer

Let us learn a lesson from the male Birds of Paradise.

Native to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and northern Australia, these avian actors attempt to attract a mate using bright plumage, outrageous body adornments and intricate dance moves – anything to mark themselves as special and worthy of attention. It’s this same desire to be different that has spawned the M Performance range of accessories.

The standard 4-Series is a relatively sleek and handsome creature, but when over 2000 of the same species have been released into the wild as of December 2014, something extra is required to truly stand out. Hence why BMW offers a variety of factory-approved upgrades.

BMW 435i MPerformance exterior interiorOur test car came loaded with the full array of M trinketry, inside and out. Adorning the exterior are 20-inch forged and polished alloy wheels for the full bling effect ($6280), an aero kit consisting of front ($1842) and rear ($842) carbon splitters, carbon mirror caps ($682), a black grille ($285) and side skirts ($263) and, finally, signature ‘M’ stripes ($278).

On the inside there’s M Performance carbon and Alcantara highlights ($1250), stainless steel pedals ($214), a carbon gear knob ($230), floor mats ($211) and a swanky Alcantara steering wheel with LED display in the upper part of the rim ($1852) like a proper race car.

BMW 435i M Performance interior'Thankfully, one upgrade goes beyond the aesthetic; the ‘Power Kit’ ($2500), which lifts outputs from 225kW and 400Nm to 250kW and 450Nm courtesy of an ECU tune and modified inlet manifold.

To be honest you’d have to drive a stock car back-to-back with it to notice the extra grunt, but with a chassis this good, more power is always welcome. It drives more or less like a standard 435i, which is no bad thing, though the rims do seem to make the ride a bit more jiggly.

Now, you’ll no doubt have noticed plenty of dollar signs dotted throughout this article, and the upshot of this added paraphernalia is $16,729 over and above the 435i’s $108,530 for a final ask of $125,259.

BMW 435i M Performance driving 2Not cheap, but then you only have to pick the bits you like. For our tastes it’d be the aero kit, stripes, power kit and then we’d use the money saved for the should-be-standard limited-slip diff ($4500 plus GST and fitment).

We’re not saying sexing up your 4-Series will improve your dating life, nor are we endorsing the occasionally polygamous antics of our feathered friends, but if you’re keen to make your BMW turn a few more heads, then perhaps some M Performance accessories will help you stand out from the rest of the flock.

3.5 out of 5


Engine: 2979cc inline-6, DOHC, 24v, twin-turbo
Power: 250kW @ 5800-6400rpm
Torque: 450Nm @ 1200-5000rpm
Weight: 1525kg
Price: $125,259 (as tested)