Readers who purchased our recent Road Tests Annual edition could be excused for being a bit cranky when they discovered the final page of the much-vaunted Honda Accord Euro versus Mazda6 comparison test was actually Michael Stahl's Bullet column.

While it's always a bonus to read one of Stahly's well-crafted pieces, on this occasion it sat plumb where the conclusion to the above-mentioned story should have been, leaving many readers feeling short changed and none the wiser about the result of the test.

As it turns out, the problem was tracked back to a production glitch which saw a page from the March edition of Wheels transferred in error to the Road Tests Annual during printing (both mags were printed simultaneously and at the same printer).

Though embarrassed by the mix-up, there's not a lot we can do about it now as the mag is printed. What we can do, however, for the benefit of those readers who purchased the otherwise excellent Wheels Road Tests Annual, is to offer a PDF of the story, including the conclusion. Please accept our apologies for the incident.