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Review: Volvo's all-new V40 with Pedestrian Airbag Technology

By Stephen Corby, 08 Apr 2013 Reviews

Volvo's all-new V40 2013, review, price, test drive, Pedestrian Airbag Technology

Volvo has always had an unusual approach to marketing.

Volvo has always had an unusual approach to marketing.

For many years it seemed to seek buyers who liked ugly things, and those who knew, deep down, that they were terrible drivers and were thus likely to have many car accidents.

The pitch for the V40, however, is even stranger, appealing as it does to people’s altruism.

The big selling point of Volvo’s play for a share of the C-segment is an airbag that leaps out of the bonnet like a startled Lilo to protect any pedestrians you might run over.

Perhaps I’m particularly heartless, but it’s not something that would make me more likely to buy a car.

Happily, beneath that headline act there is plenty that appeals about this new hatch contender.