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Best 4x4 comparisons of 2016: Part 1

28 Dec 2016 Road Tests

Best 4x4 comparisons of 2016: Part 1

The best 4x4 comparisons of the year.

PITTING a newly released vehicle up against the best-in-class is a sure-fire way to see where it sits in the pecking order.

2016 saw a bunch of great rivalries form, with some hotly contested bouts – as well as a few one-sided battles.

To lift your Christmas spirits, we’ve compiled a list of the best comparisons of 2016. It was a year with some big releases, and thus some massive comparisons. Here are a handful of the best.

5 wagon comparo1: Everest Trend v Pajero Sport v Fortuner v MU-X v Colorado 7
The big wagon made a comeback in 2016, with some great wagons-based-on-utes released. The sophisticated Everest was the 2015 4X4OTY, so it’s a great vehicle to judge the competition. So we threw a Pajero Sport, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu MU-X and Holden Colorado 7 up against it in a massive comparison.

Discovery v prado v everest2: Prado v Fortuner v MU-X v Everest
The Canning Stock Route is a brutal, unforgiving road that tests the heart and soul of a vehicle. The Everest may have cleaned up at 4X4OTY testing, but taking on the CSR is a different kettle of fish. The remote roads of the CSR also welcomed the Prado, Fortuner and MU-X.

Discovery v prado v everest3: Everest v Discovery v Prado
The Everest features in our three most popular comparisons of 2016, and for good reason as it was the 2015 4X4OTY. But how does the upper-spec Titanium model fare against the high-end Prado Kakadu and Discovery SDV6?

Toyota lc79 vs mahindra pik-up4: Pik-Up v Land Cruiser 79
More of a value test than a direct comparison, our Mahindra Pik-Up versus Land Cruiser 79 comparo was a hit with readers. The point of the test: is the LC79 really worth a $40K premium over the Pik-Up? Watch the video to find out.