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The comfiest cars you can buy today

By Cameron Kirby, 05 Aug 2017 Car Advice

The comfiest cars you can buy today

When comfort is king, these are the cars to have in your court

People buy cars on many different criteria. For some, price is the most important, others focus on power, and the environmentally conscious might put more weight on its fuel economy.

However, something that can be harder to tell from a spec sheet is just how comfortable a car is.

It’s an important criteria as well, as you could be spending countless hours in a vehicle, so it’s important you don’t get something that leaves you getting out uncomfortable.

While there isn’t a quantifiable metric for comfiness, here at Which Car, we drive numerous different vehicles each month, and have established a good feel for when a car is comfortable for day-to-day use.

We have compiled some of our favourite and comfiest cars you can buy today into a single list, which is divided into two categories for front and rear passengers.

The comfiest cars for front passengers

Citroen C4 Cactus

The Cactus has the closest thing to a modern day bench seat. Its large front seats may look simple, but with mattress technology (yes, really) they are sublimely comfortable. Whether it’s a brief drive, or an extended road trip, front passengers in the Cactus will be riding in comfort.

Volvo S90

The Volvo’s front seats are amongst the best available. With plush cushioning and supple leather, you won’t be looking to escape from the cabin any time soon. If the sedan isn’t your thing, the high-riding XC90 SUV is a delightful alternative.

Chrysler 300

If large, well stuffed, American armchairs are your thing, look no further than the Chrysler 300. It doesn’t match the opulence of other cars on this list, but front passengers are treated to a plush pair of pews with a reclining function that never seems to end.

The comfiest cars for rear passengers

Mercedes-Benz S-Class LWB with Executive Seats option.

It wouldn’t be a list of comfortable cars without the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The LWB takes this to another level. Throw in the optional Executive Seats, and it is one of the finest rear passenger experiences you can have. Goose down pillows for rear passengers is the icing on a bloody comfortable cake.

Holden VF Commodore

While there is plenty of fun to be had behind the wheel of a VF Commodore, rear passengers haven’t been forgotten by Holden engineers. You can fit three grown adults across the back row, which is designed for classic Australian road trips. The next-gen imported Commodore won’t be matching the VF’s rear space, so if rear comfort is important to you, we recommend getting in quick.

Kia Carnival Platinum

Space can be critical to a good rear passenger experience, and the Kia Carnival has that in spades. The second row in the Carnival is one of the most spacious available, and the third row is still perfectly reasonable for a grown adult. The platinum adds leather upholstery to the experience, to ensure all occupants are ferried in comfort.

Lexus LS600hl 4-seater

The Ottoman empire isn’t dead – it lives on in this large Lexus limo. Move the front seat all the way forward and rear passengers are treated to an ottoman to rest their feet on.

Wildcard: Range Rover Sport Autobiography

We’ve decided not to include this in either front or rear seat categories, namely because it deserves to be in both. We’ll let our Editor, Alex Inwood explain why:

“The comfiest car I've driven is the Range Rover Sport Autobiography LWB, which despite being the size of a battle tank, only has room for four inside. The seats, doors, and roof are all clad in sumptuous leather, there are two fridges inside, the seats are heated/cooled and massage you, and the headrests are like clouds.”

High praise from a man who has driven just about every new car available today.