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Wolfsburg badge is back for Volkswagen Touareg

By Chris Thompson, 28 Oct 2020 Car News

VW Australia to bring 300 menacing Wolfsburg V6 and V8s to our shores

Volkswagen Touareg Wolfsburg for Australia

The home of Volkswagen is set to have its name on another model headed for Australia, with 300 Volkswagen Touareg Wolfsburg large SUVs arriving next year.

With a split between V6 engines and V8 engines - 200 and 100 respectively - the Touareg Wolfsburg will feature a more menacing version of the R-Line styling pack in black, as well as a handful of exclusive mod-cons.

Of course, the Wolfsburg name also commands some clout among VW enthusiasts.


As the only difference between the V6 and V8 versions is the engine itself – 3.0-litres and 210KW/600Nm for the former, 4.0-litres and 310kW/900Nm for the latter, and both turbo diesels – the list of Wolfsburg bonuses is the same for all 300 units.

Aside from the style pack, which blacks out much of the Touareg’s trim, the Wolfsburgs also receive 19-inch Suzuka alloys, infrared night vision cameras, and a sound and comfort pack with four-zone climate control, heated second-row outer seats and extra safety features.

The Touareg Wolfsburg also gets soft-close doors as an exclusive extra, which gently cinch the doors tight if they’re already almost closed.

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Volkswagen Australia also says that the 100 Wolfsburg V8s will be the last Touaregs built with that particular engine.

We’ve contacted VW Australia for clarification as to whether the 100 V8s destined for Australia are the final units to be built worldwide.

Pricing for the V6 starts at $119,990, while the Wolfsburg V8s will be priced from $139,990. This marks a small price bump for the V8 over its non-Wolfsburg variant, but it's an almost-$29,000 jump to the V6 Wolfburg from the top-spec Adventure V6, which is priced just above $90,000.

The only options available on the Wolfsburg is a $3000 panoramic sunroof, or any of the three available colours that aren’t white.

These are black, blue, and silver, and each will cost an additional $2100.

VW says the Touareg Wolfsburgs will arrive in March 2021.

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