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We’ve ‘fixed’ the new BMW M3’s controversial design

By Cameron Kirby, 24 Sep 2020 Car News

2021 BMW M3 comgen E30 M3

Note to self: don’t leave graphic designers unattended for too long

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would be well aware that BMW has finally revealed the 2021 BMW M3 to the world.

All anyone seems to be able to talk about is the, ah, striking, new front bumper treatment – it has prompted a wave of criticism from industry pundits and motoring fans alike.

Admittedly, there are those that appreciate the new design language, namely M division head honcho Markus Flasch.

“I wouldn't change it if I could,” he told media.

“I haven't received any negative comments anyway."

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Well, Mr Flasch, you may not have been paying close enough attention. 

If the new toothy design isn’t to your liking, the graphic design department here at WhichCar HQ have attempted to ‘fix’ the divisive grille treatment. By ‘fix’, we mean graft the front ends from completely different vehicles onto the M3 body in photoshop.

The result? Well, not all of them are fantastic, but they are starting from a low base.


Words can’t really do justice to the natural grace and beauty of this fine creation.

Credit for the photoshop legwork goes to MOTOR’s chief crayon twirler, Damien Pelletier.

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When the AU was revealed to the world its design was derided, much like the current M3.

That backstory makes this pairing poetic in a way. It brings a single tear to our eye.


Wheels’ Art Director Felipe Ubilla is responsible for merging the (digitised) metal of the remaining cars.

The AU was a nice start, but what if we tried something a bit more modern. Enter the snout of the current Ford Mustang GT.

It’s not the cleanest merging of design languages but does provide us a glimpse at an alternate reality that almost came to fruition.

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The Mustang was meant to spawn its very own sedan variant, which would have been mechanically related to the Ford Falcon we know and love.

If that car had been built, it could have looked a little something like…this.

But, hey, at least it looks better than the current Ford Mustang Supercar race car.


With two iconic Ford front ends already submitted, it was only fair that we tried a Holden as well.

Stepping up to the plate is the bumper of the VE Commodore – Australia’s very own billion-dollar baby.

The VE has aged handsomely since it was first revealed, and this creation just cements that viewpoint.

And look, the BMW badge even fits nicely!


The vertical design of the M3’s bulging kidney grilles is a drastic departure from the more horizontal look used by non-M G80 3 Series models.

However, it does hark back to the iconic look of the E30 M3.

With that lightbulb ignited, it was time for Felipe to pair arguably the most iconic and beloved M cars, with one of the most divisive.

Being from the same family, this pairing got the most emphatic seal of approval from the WhichCar team.

There is something more than a little Alfa Romeo GTV about it, though.


Okay, we’ll readily admit this wasn’t the best idea.

Turns out trying to graft a Porsche 992 911 nose onto a sedan just results in a misshapen hall of mirrors-esque Panamera impersonation.

Please forgive our sins.

So, which M3 ‘fix’ was your favourite? Are there any other designs you’d like us to try? Let us know in the comments!

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