Cadillac “Beast 2.0” gets ready for the next US President

Limousine, or armoured personnel carrier with a gloss paintjob? Cadillac blurs the line between the two with its next-generation Presidential limousine.

Cadillac One Rear Jpg

While the American public gets ready to vote in their next President in November, Cadillac is also preparing itself for the arrival of the USA’s next Commander-In-Chief. Photos of the next US Presidential limousine have surfaced on US websites, with the successor to the current limo – called “Cadillac One” by the Secret Service and nicknamed “The Beast” by US media – set to get a new style that merges SUV and sedan styling cues.

And while it may have a big Cadillac wreath on its grille, it won’t resemble anything you’ll find on Cadillac’s showroom floor.

A beefed-up truck chassis will continue to serve underneath Cadillac One, however precise details of its undercarriage are predictably a closely-guarded secret. The same goes for its engine, which is also believed to be taken from GM’s commercial vehicle catalogue.

Cadillac One

As for its protection package, we’re confident a Google search for those details will land you on a CIA watchlist.

The spy images of the next President’s whip suggest there are few structural changes in store for the crucial passenger-carrying centre section of the next-gen Presidential limousine. Extra armour plating may be applied under the skin though – handy, should the divisive Republican candidate Donald Trump claim victory in November.

The most obvious discernable differences are seen at the front of the car, with the redesigned Beast looking like it will adopt a more cohesive design that takes inspiration from the new Cadillac CT6 and Escalade SUV - namely the former’s wide-mouthed grille and the latter’s headlamps.

And in terms of political transportation, its sheer bulk puts our own Prime Minister’s grenade-proof BMW 7 Series firmly in the shade. The Beast will seat seven in armoured comfort thanks to its bus-like wheelbase. The PM’s BMW seats a maximum of five. ‘Murica.


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