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Dutchman finishes world’s longest electric car journey in Sydney

By Tom Fraser, 11 Apr 2019 Car News

Dutchman finishes world’s longest electric car journey in Sydney

Wiebe Wakker’s Plug Me In electric car project spanned 95,000 kilometres, 33 countries and 3 years

  • Dutchman travels the world in his electric VW Golf
  • Journey takes three years and covers 95,000km and 33 countries
  • Crossed Australia from Perth to Sydney

Remember the Dutch bloke we wrote about earlier this year who has been travelling the world with his electric Volkswagen Golf?

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Well, he made it!

Wiebe Wakker crossed the finish line after his three-year journey on Sunday afternoon at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, surrounded by supporters of the epic escapade.

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Driving a modified electric Volkswagen Golf station wagon nicknamed ‘The Blue Bandit’, Wakker’s mission was to prove the concept of electric cars around the world.

Travelling through 33 countries, he’s managed to rack up 95,000km in a little over three years, with his travels funded by sponsors and public donations around the world.

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Leaving The Netherlands in March 2016, Wakker set course for Sydney, Australia – his route determined by offers of charging locations, food and accommodation.

“I MADE IT!!!” Wakker posted to his ‘Plug Me In’ Facebook page.

“So glad I made it. It took some effort but overall I had a pretty easy trip, made possible by hundreds of people who signed up on my website, offered help on the way or people online who reached out to help.

“People are congratulating me as I have shown the possibilities of electric cars but I am more happy with all the help I received from people during my journey. Wow, what a trip!”

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Cheers to Wiebe and The Blue Bandit for demonstrating the viability of electric cars and check out some more photos of his journey in the gallery above.