Mama mia! 700km/h speed camera glitch costs driver $1400

Either there’s a heck of an upgrade available for the Ford Focus, or this Italian speed camera is a little of whack. Driver still got fined, though

703 Kmh 1 Jpg

Italians enjoy a reputation of being car lovers, and it’s a country where speed is often celebrated, not denigrated. However, this speeding ticket was a little out of the ordinary.

A driver in the tiny Italian town of Offagna, not far from San Marino, recently copped a $1380 fine for allegedly doing 703km/h in a 70km/h zone. Yes. You read right. A Ford Focus, doing the cruising speed of a Boeing 787, or a third faster again than the mighty Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s 489km/h world-record-holding effort.

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Now, here at WhichCar we’re fans of the Ford Focus, especially the RS and the new ST… but even if you dropped the fastest Focus ever made from space, it’s not getting to 703km/h.

2020 Ford Focus ST

What makes the whole thing more amusing is that the local constabulary issued the fine to our shocked Focus fan without first checking it, docking her ten points from her licence and issuing an 850-Euro fine.

According to Autopassoinati, a local town councillor is advising that the Focus driver not only ignore the notice, but to appeal for compensation.

We reckon she ought to be calling the good people at the Guinness Book of Records… or maybe she could pop over to Maranello and see if the Ferrari F1 team needs a new motor.


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