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Tesla Model S replacement still more than five years away

By Tim Robson, 12 Nov 2020 Car News

tesla model s

Plans pushed back to update eight-year-old Tesla Model S by two years

Tesla’s Model S sedan will be 14 years old by the time it’s replaced.

The four-door Model S, which debuted in 2012, was to be replaced with an updated version in 2024. Now, though, reports from industry forecasters in the US - via news site Autoline Daily – suggest that the Model S will now push through until early 2026, before being replaced.

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This will easily make the first-generation Model S the oldest EV in the market when it’s finally replaced.

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The Model S has been consistently upgraded over the course of its life, and its distinctive coupe-like silhouette has aged well.

However, the company has recently turned its focus to building a new plant in Germany, as well as prioritising the wider roll-out of the Model 3-based small SUV, the Model Y, in China and to the rest of the world, including Australia.

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Built in Tesla’s Californian plant, the Model S gave the brand a big head start in the EV race, with rivals like the Porsche Taycan taking until 2019 to hit to market.

Life will become more challenging for the Model S, though, as mainstream machines like the Audi’s RS e-tron GT and upstart competitors like Lucid enter the fray.

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Launching in 2012 with battery packs as small as 40kWh, the dual-motor Model S is now only sold in Australia with 100kWh battery packs that give the car up to a claimed 722km of range.

The entry-level Long-Range Plus offers this category-busting range claim, and lists at $119,990 on Tesla’s Australian site.

The $134,990 Performance, meanwhile offers a 0-100km/h time of 2.5sec – 1.3sec faster than the Long Range Plus – at the expense of 20km of range and about 36kg of extra weight.

A triple-motor Plaid version is also listed on the site at $189,990, with a timeline of late 2021 against its name.

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