Uber is testing self-driving cars in America!

By Rose Callaghan, 25 Feb 2016 Car News

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Uber is testing self-driving cars in America!

How do you leave an Uber customer rating if… nobody is driving the car? That is a question we might be pondering soon if Uber has its way.

Two of the most buzz-worthy concepts in automotive and tech right now could be joining forces – the ride sharing behemoth Uber and self-driving cars – a concept being championed by Google. Who also happen to own Uber.

The controversial ride sharing company is currently testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, USA. The company plan to take over an old factory and build temporary test roadways for self-driving cars.

Self-driving technology has the potential to drastically cut down on accidents and congestion while making transportation even more affordable and convenient for everyone,” John Bares, Director of Uber Advanced Technologies Centre, said in a statement.

However – don’t get too excited. He continued that “the adoption of this technology at scale is likely still many years off.”

The facility – called Alamo – will join another facility in Pittsburgh which has been working on mapping and safety technology for self-driving cars.

But what we want to know is – without a driver – who will be responsible for giving out bottles of water, mints and infuriatingly repetitive small talk (“So… have you been using Uber long?”)