• It’s available! The first Audi RS3 failed to reach Australian Audi showrooms as it couldn’t comply with local vehicle regulations.
  • At $78,900, this is Audi’s most attainable RS model.
  • No hot-hatch is currently quicker from standstill to 100km/h – 4.3 seconds. (Mercedes-Benz, however, is claiming 4.2sec for its updated A45 AMG due here in early 2016 or a touch earlier.)
  • Stunningly quick on the move, too, courtesy of huge torque (465Nm) available across a large chunk of the engine’s rev range.
  • Turbocharged five-cylinder engine sounds fantastic with its distinctive warble, while the exhaust crackles and pops when in Dynamic mode.
  • All-wheel-drive traction, high levels of tyre grip, strong brakes, and accurate, quick steering provide the driver with plenty of confidence on twisty roads.
  • Rides comfortably (with optional adaptive suspension we tested).
  • Interior a stand-out for aesthetics and materials.


  • Steering could provide more information to the driver’s hands about how the front tyres are interacting with the road surface.
  • More than $80,000 (once on-road costs are added) is a high price for a five-door hatchback.
  • Could look faster. In profile especially, RS3 design rather restrained for a performance model.
  • Not exactly light at 1520kg.
  • Adaptive suspension could perhaps be standard considering starting price (costs $6490 as part of an RS Performance package that also includes a Bang & Olufsen audio and some other extras).

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