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Snackable Review: Holden Commodore SS V Redline

21 Sep 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: Holden Commodore SS V Redline

The true-blue Holden Commodore SS V Redline combines a powerful V8 with the practical chops of a long-distance tourer. This is one serious sports sedan.


  • The grunt. 270kW and 530Nm is more than supercars from only a few decades ago. This thing is swift.
  • Excluding HSV, it’s the best fast Commodore ever. It corners with confidence, hammers in a straight line, has great brakes and decent steering.
  • It’s rear-wheel drive. Experienced drivers will relish its willingness to slide out of corners with a throttle dollop.
  • It’s comfortable. It rides nicely and just inhales huge Aussie distances without any fuss. As a long-range bomber, it’s expert.
  • It’s loveable. It’s has a huge boot, four doors and plenty of space. It looks good. Big, honest, Aussie performance sedan, we will miss you greatly.


  • The noise. You won’t doubt it’s a V8, but it’s a little lukewarm – it could use more mongrel.
  • Its thirst. Of course you’re buying a 6.0-litre V8, not a Prius. Be suitably prepared for the nearly sailor-level thirst.
  • The front seats. Comfy but made for Very Large humans at a cost to Not So Large humans. The latter may slide around a bit in heavy cornering.
  • Controls can feel heavy. Use a manual SS V Redline’s gearbox and clutch, you won’t have to train your left limbs at the gym.
  • The steering. Best Aussie steering ever. But still far from perfect with off-centre straight-line slack; wants for some feel when driving fast.

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