• Power. Maybe you’re sick of jerks bullying you on the road. Maybe you just want to get out and do some serious 4x4ing.  With a 2.3-litre engine producing 140kW of power (that’s pretty good), the NP300 ST-X will command respect wherever you go.
  • Moving stuff. Don’t want to ask your mate you don’t really like if you can borrow his ute next time you go to Ikea? Don’t. The NP300’s cargo tub has plenty of room for a flat-pack table, and even has 12-volt power outlet.
  • Comfort. Just because the car looks tough, doesn’t mean it has to be a painful driving experience. The ST-X has power-adjustable, heated leather seats; dual-zone climate control; satellite navigation; Bluetooth; and USB ports.
  • Easy to reverse. When you’re reversing, a camera turns on showing you exactly what’s behind you. It makes it almost impossible to hit something. That’s a great feature in a big car that might otherwise be daunting to park.
  • Safety. The standard safety kit includes seven airbags, reverse camera (ST and ST-X only) ABS, electronic stability and traction control and brake assist.
  • Transmission. It comes in automatic. Enough said.


  • Steering. The steering is a bit doughy, but, hey, who needs Zumba when you can get a workout just by driving? Say goodbye to tuck-shop-lady arms.
  • Safety. Features like autonomous emergency braking, emergency-stop warning, blind-spot indicators and lane-departure warning are not offered at all on Navara, but not having any or all of these features will not prevent a five-star ANCAP rating.
  • Visibility. It’s good, but the high front guards can make it hard to know where the front wheels are.
  • Fuel efficiency. It consumes 6.5-7.0l/100km, which is not too bad for a big, high-performance four-wheel drive. But it’s no Yaris (5.7 l/100km). 


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