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Biggest Gimmick of 2016: Ford Focus RS drift mode

By Scott Newman & Tim Robson, 23 Dec 2016 Features

Biggest Gimmick of 2016: Ford Focus RS drift mode

A close look at some of the stand out tech of 2016

It has garnered more column inches than any other car feature this year, so there’s a great irony that in reality the Focus RS’s much hyped ‘Drift Mode’ is, well, a bit poo.

Anyone with visions of hitting a button and revelling in smokey slides will be sadly disappointed. With an empty car park and someone else’s tyres at your disposal, Drift Mode offers some cheap laughs, but it has little to do with the traditional art of oversteer. However, while Drift Mode doesn’t automatically make the Focus RS drift, the good news is a super-adjustable chassis means it is capable of sliding just fine in its regular modes.

Best Option of 2016: Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 adaptive dampers 

Biggest -Gimmick -of -2016-Ford -Focus -RS-drift -mode -embedThe Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 is the Lambo we signed on for – equal parts terrifying and utterly intoxicating. As awesome as the $379K Huracan rear-driver is, though, there’s a problem: at around-town speeds the LP580-2 is bumpy. Very bumpy.

One way to take it even greater levels, and that’s by opting for $5000 worth of MagneRide dampers. That might seem like a lot of cash, but hey, parking sensors cost $5700. And we’re talking in the context of a $379K car here.

They lend a couple of personalities: in Strada mode, the ride is comfortable and relatively cosseting, but things ratchet up in both Sport and Corsa. The top two are close in feel, but there’s more leniency for controlled lunacy in the middle setting. In all, it's five grand well spent.