Ken Block's Gymkhana greatest hits

We tried to do Ken Block-esque viral video and break the internet. We failed. In the end we decided to leave it to the experts and compile Ken Block's greatest hits

Ken Block Hoonicorn Gymkhana 7

THE MISSION was simple: a few years ago as part of our June 2015 issue, we threw a bloke who hates driving on dirt into a hyped-up, crazed Citroen rally car, filmed a Ken Block-esque viral video and tried to break the internet.

The result, which you can read in our June 2015 issue here, was a dismal, yet hilarious, failure. So, rather than trying to beat the OG-HOONIGAN Ken Block at his own game, we thought we’d compile all of his greatest viral videos in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Sit back, crank the volume and let the madness begin.

Gymkhana One

This is ground zero, where the whole saga began. Gymkhana One featured Block's built 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI at an old airfield. Chaos ensues, the internet catches hold, a legend is born. 

Gymkhana Two

Gymkhana Two was designed to feature a few of Ken Block's DC Shoes products, mimicking the form of an infomercial. The cinematography was a big step-up and so was the car, a Crawford Performance 422kW Impreza WRX STI. 

Gymkhana Three

2010 was the year of change for Block and Gymkhana. First of all, he changed from using Subarus in the viral videos to Fords - now employing a 484kW 2011 Ford Fiesta. Secondly, the team set the video in Linas, France at an old autodrome. The anti-lag Ford Fiesta Gymkhana car was the start of a long partnership between Block and Ford Performance which continues to this day. 

Gymkhana Four

The HOONIGAN team had to wind up at Hollywood at some point. Featuring more stunts than ever, 2011's video once again featured Ken's Fiesta smashing through walls, knocking over objects and of course, performing mammoth-sized jumps. 

Gymkhana Five

Ken Block skids his way around the San Francisco skyline in 2012's 100 million hit video.

Gymkhana Six

Gymkhana Ten is Ken Block’s craziest performance yet

Gymkhana Seven

For the first time in years, Ken changed his car to a 1965 Ford Mustang in Gymkhana Seven. The fire-breathing methanol-injected V8 can be seen ripping up the concrete wonderland that is Los Angeles.

Gymkhana Eight

2016 saw the HOONIGAN crew head to Dubai to film Gymkhana Eight, once again using Block's rally-spec Ford Fiesta as the ultimate whip-mobile.

Gymkhana Nine

The first outing for Ken's 2017 Ford Focus RS RX, the ninth iteration of Gymkhana filmed in Detroit, Michigan has the most daring stunts to date, most notably a game of 'chicken' with a diesel train.

Gymkhana Ten

Gymkhana Ten is the most unbelievable film to date, with the planning taking over two years and filming in multiple countries like Sweden, United States and Mexico. The full film goes for almost 20 minutes and rest assured, each second is worth watching. 


Climbkhana features death-defying slides with Version 2 of Ken's Hoonicorn Ford Mustang, fitted with a methanol-injected, twin-turbo 1043kW V8. 


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