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Performance Car Podcast: photographer Ellen Dewar

By MOTOR Staff, 10 Apr 2018 Performance Car Podcast

MOTOR’s head snapper joins us to talk about photographing cars

Performance Car Podcast Ellen Dewar

Welcome to the latest episode of the Performance Car Podcast, with our senior photographer Ellen Dewar.

Ellen has been snapping cars for 20 years, and is the head of Bauer Trader Media’s (MOTOR’s publisher) photography department.

Ellen also shoots for our sister titles like Unique Cars and Street Machine, as well as Wheels and 4X4 Australia.

As her office is just next to ours, we asked her to come out for a drive.

Our chariot of choice is a car Ellen herself recently shot for us, the new Suzuki Swift Sport.

We have a quick chat about her background and how she started out (0:40) and she tells us what has changed in the industry since then (2:00).

With the digitalisation of media over her career, Ellen gives us an insight into new attitudes to photography, and the tendency for some photographers to now rely more heavily on Photoshop, rather than get it right with the camera (3:55).

On that note, we hear her top tips (4:50) and common mistakes (7:30) for photography, find out who helped Ellen become as good a snapper as she is today (10:35), and discover the things she wished she’d known when starting out (11:20).

As well as telling you herself what it’s like to work with us (13:00), Ellen recalls some of the most memorable shoots she’s embarked on, including a 24-hour stint at Le Mans (15:25).

This episode also happens to be chockers with advice for new photographers, particularly towards the end (18:15).

So take Ellen’s advice and give it a crack, then send us your car photos by email, on Facebook, Twitter, or tag us on Instagram.