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1990 BMW E30 M3 scores Vilner upgrade with E36 engine

By Chris Thompson, 12 Dec 2018 News

1990 BMW E30 M3 Vilner upgrade E36 engine feature

A one-off E30 M3 built by Bulgarian studio Vilner has been given a Singer-style makeover

Automotive customisation studio Vilner, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, has created a unique 1990 BMW E30 M3 Evo with an E36 M3’s 3.2-litre straight-six engine and a bespoke interior.

Vilner readily admits to being influenced by Singer’s Porsche builds, and flicking through the photography Vilner has released (viewable in the gallery above) proves that to be true.

While the E36 3.2-litre six is a welcome addition to the E30, it’s the interior work company founder Atanas Vilner is most proud of.

“The philosophy here was the same one followed by Singer Vehicle Design - ‘everything is important’ – from the materials used, through their configuration and the final finish.

“Vintage styled textile, whose design makes a strong impression amongst all. And among the purist fans as well.

“It’s not only just for style purposes. This fabric is super functional too. It’s very robust and comfortable, especially during the hot season,”

The interior was designed to match the Imola Red II exterior paint – a classic M3 colour – with chequered cloth covering everything from the seat inserts to the door cards, and even the parcel shelf.

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Vilner calls the cabin vibe “a very special mix of racing machine and unique street car feel,” with roll cage and harnesses fulfilling the former.

The engine, as a stock unit, makes 236kW. Not a bad figure for a car Vilner says weighs 1200kg.

A set of BBS RKs in 18-inch guise complete the look, with Vilner adding that “every part of the project is here because it should be, not because ‘that would do’.”