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Retro-inspired Porsche 935 to hit the track at Aus GP

By Chris Thompson, 10 Mar 2020 News

2019 Porsche 935 Australian Grand Prix debut news

Porsche will show off its ‘Moby Dick’ 935 racer on track before the F1 race

The upcoming Australian Formula One Grand Prix weekend will see a demonstration from Porsche Australia, headlined by an on-track run with the modern version of the Porsche 935.

Based on the Porsche 991.2 911 GT2 RS in terms of its chassis and mechanicals, the modern-day 935 harks back to the racer from 1978 in terms of its design.

Though only 15 minutes of track time is allocated for Porsche to run demonstrations laps (from 9:45 on Sunday March 15), this will mark the first time the 935 has been showcased in public in Australia.

The 515kW race car will have a chance to show off its wild retro bodywork made from and aluminium-steel composite and carbon-fibre Kevlar, as well as to flex its twin-turbo 3.8-litre flat-six.

On track, it’ll be joined by an original 1978 Porsche 935/78, which itself was mechanically based on the 911 of the time. The 1978 version of the 935 was dubbed ‘Moby Dick’ due to a long tail, reminiscent of that of a whale.

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Two road cars will join the racers for demo laps, a GT2 RS Clubsport and a standard GT2 RS.

The Clubsport will run as part of a speed comparison with a Minardi Formula One two-seater, much like the Hyundai speed comparison run last year with a Hyundai i30N, an i30N TCR racer, and the V10-powered Minardi.

Porsche schedule shows five of these comparisons will take place across the weekend, along with the four Porsche Carrera cup races and a few Porsche Kids Track Experience sessions.

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