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Out Now: 2021 4X4 Australia Gear Guide

By Tristan Tancredi, 08 Apr 2021 News

2021 4X4 Australia Gear Guide is out now

Before you depart on a lap of the map, prepare yourself by reading this little nugget of knowledge.

WITH international travel halted, more people than ever are preparing for a lap of the map, so it's a great time to update your off-road arsenal with the latest and greatest 4x4 gear.


To this end we've just released the 2021 4X4 Australia Gear Guide, and it's loaded with new products, reviews, advice from folks with plenty of touring experience, and a handful of custom 4x4s to inspire your own build.

Fact: Packing for a 4x4 trip is one of the least enjoyable experiences of said trip. Also a fact: it doesn't have to be. We've included a comprehensive guide on how to load up a 4x4 for both a weekend escape and a multi-month sojourn.

We analyse the humble tent: if you need one, why they're still so popular, and what to look for. Plus, we take an in-depth look at awnings, dual-battery systems, air compressors, mud-terrain tyres and lithium batteries. Evan also puts nine seven-inch LED driving lights to the sword in a real-world comparison.

We've sampled plenty of new gear recently, so the 2021 Guide is loaded with plenty of product reviews, including a close look at Maxxis' Razr muddies, Yakima's LocknLoad platform and Jackson's Carry Me Camper.

On the custom front, we've run the microscope over a behemoth 79 Series and Bruder EXP-6 combo, as well as one of the toughest Ford Rangers on the planet.

To read all about it - and much more - pick up a copy of the 2021 4X4 Australia Gear Guide. Out now!