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36,000 piece Lego Ferrari dealership

By Chris Thompson, 15 May 2017 News

ferrari lego dealership

A man with a passion for both Lego and Ferraris has found a way to merge the two

Four years, 36,000 pieces of Lego, some LED lights and a passion for Ferraris. Oh, and a lot of patience. That’s what it takes to build something like this.

Usually, when we see a Lego build that involves a car, we get pretty excited. This time, we were in awe.

Lego Ferrari dealershipA man by the name of Ryan Link has shared the details of one of his creations on a Lego forum, and it’s incredibly detailed.

It’s a Ferrari dealership, which he says took him four years to build.

Lego Ferrari dealership carsThe dealership is complete with a detailed interior, including ceiling lights, showroom display models and wall art depicting classic Ferraris.

Its creator says the building alone used up about 23,000 pieces, with a transporter made from a further 5000, and 8000 being used for the cars.

Lego reveal Caterham Seven 620R

“I incorporated 3rd party LED lights to illuminate the interior of the building, which can be seen lining the ceiling.

Lego Ferrari dealership extras“On the rear section of the building, there is a lounge with comfortable furniture to sit upon while selecting just the right trim options for your brand new car. Above, 288 GTO and LaFerrari mosaics appear next to another prancing horse to help strike inspiration.”

“From the early stages of this build, I knew I was going to incorporate LED lighting… I was able to build all of the wiring into the ceiling, wrapping around and meeting at one side in the centre.

Lego Ferrari dealership options“The wires then route down through a hollow support pillar, underneath the tile flooring, and out the side of the model to plug into the wall.”

It’s massively impressive, but we figure it’s better to let the pictures and his own description do the talking.