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Alpina B7 Australian pricing announced

By Chris Thompson, 11 Sep 2017 News

BMW Alpina B7 main

Ultra 7 Series lands in Oz with specs and pricing revealed

The Alpina B7, based on BMW’s 7 Series, is a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 limo which will travel to 100km/h in a claimed 4.2 seconds.

And now you can buy one.

But there’s a catch. With a list price of $272,000 – that’s before the eye-watering GST ($27,200) and luxury car tax ($70,520) – Aussie buyers will be forking out an RRP of $369,720 to get one in their garage.

BMW-Alpina-B7-headlights.jpgAnd then there’s the options list. It’s short, but each hit is quite hefty.

Alpina Blue or Alpina Green paint is an extra $6409, while a surround sound system upgrade will set you back $10,561.

In the back seat, the Executive seating option will cost $3205, and a rear console is another $5561.

BMW-Alpina-B7-interior.jpgHowever, if you want an interior finished in Lavalina leather, you’re looking at an extra $14,327. Or $31,669, depending on which option you like better.

Still, the B7 doesn’t cost as much as it does to buy a BMW M760Li xDrive at $425,000. And you get a little more grunt from the B7, with 447kW topping the Bimmer’s 441kW. Both have 800Nm, though.

BMW-Alpina-B7-rear.jpgWith a little bit of weight shed (it’s 145kg lighter than an M760Li), the Alpina should prove to be the better drivers’ car. Still, at 2035kg it’s not exactly a ballerina.

Even still, Alpina says the steering and “extremely rigid” body provide a driving experience that’s “usually the domain of smaller performance vehicles,” but we’ll let you know when we can give a definitive answer, because we haven’t gotten our hands on one in Oz. Yet.