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Alpine A110 Rally revealed

By Louis Cordony, 06 Sep 2019 News

Alpine A110 Rally revealed news

Alpine goes rallying again with caged A110

Alpine is going back to its roots with a new A110 Rally edition.

Announced this morning, the Rally is a full-fledged racer with eyes on the FIA sanctioned R-GT class. So while it might not fight at top-level rallying like its rear-engine granddaddy did, it’ll stay rear-drive and fling dirt at Abarth 124 Spiders and Porsche 997 911 GT3s.

Signatech, the outfit who already built Alpina its A110 Cup and GT4 versions, has developed the car, which as you can imagine is fairly different to your road car.

Its specially developed chassis features special mounting points for a steel-roll cage, since you can’t weld it to aluminium, along with a modified engine bay and suspension mounting points.

It’ll rely on three-way hydraulic dampers to glide over jumps and a new Brembo braking system to haul itself down. Inside, you’ll strap into Sabelt seats and a six-point harness system. Wheels are tarmac spec.

MOTOR history: A110 heritage explained

The 1.8-litre turbocharged inline-four has been tickled to “more than 300 horspower [221kW]” to balance out the imposed limit on torque. But a six-speed sequential gearbox, which packs a reverse gear to help back you out of hedges, pairs with a rear LSD to make full use of every watt.

Outside the Rally scores a unique aero package that starts with a roof-mounted scoop, feeding air to the driver, and a pronounced rear wing. The front bar’s also been reworked around a slant-mounted radiator.       

Fuel capacity stands at 65 litres in a cell built to FIA-spec standards and the driver is offered specialised traction control and ABS systems to help drivers stay on the road.

You’ll need 150,000 Euro to secure one, or $242,689 Aussie. Beware, though. That could increase as it’s currently undergoing FIA homologation ahead of customer deliveries in 2020. Yep, racing ain’t cheap. But damn it’ll be fun in this thing.

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