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Audi TT RS facelifted for 2019

By Zak Adkins, 07 Feb 2019 News

Audi TT RS facelifted for 2019 news

TT RS injected with more aggressive design for 2019

The warbly TT RS has received a makeover for 2019, adding muscular body changes for both convertible and coupe styles.

Power remains unchanged at 294kW/480Nm from its boosted 2.5-litre five-pot. Top speed is regulated to 250km/h, but can be unrestricted as an option to a staggering 280km/h. 0-100km/h remains unchanged at 3.7 seconds.

The main differences for the 2019 TT RS are alterations to the exterior design. The front-end now sports more aggressive air ducts with a neat black splitter spread beneath.

The rear-end also gets a re-work, with Audi adding a newly designed fixed rear wing. There are also now dual rear air diffusers similar to a Mercedes-AMG A45.

These subtle changes give the TT RS a much more dynamic and bold road presence, especially when compared to early generations of the same model. This is by far the most masculine TT design yet.

The massive twin oval exhaust pipes remain with the facelift in typical Audi RS fashion. Owners will, of course, be greeted with the sweet symphony of five cylinders at every mash of the loud pedal. For those five-pot engine lovers, the RS sports exhaust remains standard on all Australian TT RSs.

The TT RS’s cabin has remained largely untouched but the 2019 facelift will add additional colour accents and an upgraded communication system.

There are rumours that this may be the final iteration of the TT RS, or in fact, the TT in general.

UK magazine Autocar has reported that the TT may be transformed into a liftback-styled body to compete with the BMW 2 Series and Mercedes CLA platforms. This is rumoured to look similar to the current A3 platform but in a two-door coupe design.

Audi has confirmed this liftback shape but further news is not likely to surface for some time.

The facelifted TT RS will launch in Europe in spring 2019, while it’s expected to land Down Under before the end of the year.

Aussie pricing and specification will be available at the car’s local launch.