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Australian artist draws 24 sketches during Le Mans

By Chris Thompson, 20 Jun 2017 News

Jayson Fong, an Aussie ex-pat photojournalist, provided coverage of the endurance race via sketches

24 sketches Le Mans

If you missed the 24 Hours of Le Mans, why not relive it through sketches?

Australian artist and photojournalist Jayson Fong followed the 24 Hours of Le Mans by doing one sketch for every hour which meant that, by the end, he had 24 pretty fantastic drawings.

Jayson Fong 24 Sketches during Le MansIn a live stream (see the sped-up version from his channel above), viewers were able to follow along as Jayson captured distinct moments and awesome imagery from the great race using only a couple of pens.

Jayson Fong 24 Sketches live streamThe last two sketches in the series capture the two of the most prominent classes involved in the slog – the LMP1 and GTE classes.

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With penultimate sketch was of the Corvette Racing C7 and the Aston Martin Racing Vantage running a close race, which was eventually won by Aston. A Ford GT ended up taking 2nd.

The last sketch depicted the main class and overall winner, the Porsche LMP 919 Hybrid, which beat every other LMP1 car by at least nine laps.

Jayson Fong 24 Sketches Race CarLast year, Fong did the same for Le Man 2016, though using watercolours rather than opting for the humble Sharpie as he did this year.

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Our favourite work of his from 2016 has to be the depiction of Toyota Gazoo Racing’s heartbreaking malfunction during the last laps of the race.

If you want to see the rest of Jayson’s #24forLM24 series, his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have the whole set.

You can also find his photography, design, and other art work at his Form & Function website.