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Australians spend almost $5.5 million on Apple CarPlay retrofits

By Cameron Kirby, 22 Aug 2019 News

Australians spend almost $5.5 million on Apple CarPlay retrofits

Customers are willing to spend several hundred dollars on having smartphone mirroring fitted to their vehicles

Mazda customers have spent millions of dollars getting smartphone mirroring technology fitted to their cars.

Mazda last October became the first manufacturer to offer a retrofit kit for older vehicles that allows customers to enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A Mazda spokesperson confirmed to Wheels that “since it was first offered last year, more than 11,100 of the [Apple CarPlay and Android Auto] kits have been sold.”

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With each retrofit costing $494.98, Mazda has raked in almost $5.5 million ($5,494,278, to be exact) from the program.

Not all of that will be profit, but it’s a clear indicator that there is significant demand for smartphone mirroring retrofits.

Currently, no other manufacturer in Australia offers a retrofit for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for owners of older models.

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The retrofit is available for some 370,000 Mazdas fitted with the company’s MZD Connect infotainment system, which was introduced in early 2014.

When the program was first announced, Mazda was forced to increase stock to match demand. with Mazda Australia marketing director Alastair Doak telling Wheels “the demand for the retrofit has outstripped how many [units] we have brought in, so we have already gone back and ordered extra batches.”

The retrofit must be carried out by a Mazda dealership as it requires software and hardware updates. Once completed, it allows drivers to control their maps, music, phone calls and text messages through an easy-to-use interface.