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Brabus turns Mercedes GLC63 S up to 441kW

By Chris Thompson, 15 Aug 2018 News

Brabus Mercedes GLC63 S 441kW news

Merc’s compact SUV scores a big boost and carbon fibre makeover from Brabus

Brabus has used the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S for the basis of its latest work, the Brabus 600 Compact SUV.

For all intents and purposes, it is actually just a tuned Merc, but Brabus is a second-tier manufacturer and therefore gets to slap its own badge on the thing, like Alpina or HSV.

The Brabus 600 Compact SUV is bestowed with 441kW and 800Nm, using the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine as is found in the GLC63S, but here with 66kW and 100Nm more.

Peak torque lives between 1750 and 4500rpm, while the kiloWatts show up in force at 5800rpm, though there are still plenty around in the rest of the range.

With this, Brabus claims the 600 shaves two tenths off the AMG GLC’s 0-100km/h spring for a run of just 3.6 seconds, almost unheard of for an SUV. It’s top speed is quoted at 300km/h.

Brabus also details its exhaust system for the already raucous SUV, pointing out the sly name for its ‘quiet’ mode.

“The stainless exhaust system reduces exhaust backpressure and features exhaust flaps for electronic control of the exhaust note.

“From the cockpit, the driver can choose between the discreet “Coming Home” mode and the open position of the exhaust flaps, which coax a decidedly powerful sound from the twin-turbo V8.”

In terms of its design, the Brabus actually scores some aero kit, which includes raised flaps at the sides of the front fascia to reduce front lift.

Brabus’s signature leather re-imagining of the Merc interior is of course a feature, with a ‘soft and breathable type of leather’ combined with Alcantara for a luxo feel.

Brabus says the 600 Compact SUV “can be ordered as a complete car with SUV or coupe body style.

“Alternatively, any GLC 63 S can be transformed to this specification all at once or in stages.”