The 932kW Czinger ‘21C’ hypercar looks as wild as its performance claims

It’s got a name like a spicy chicken burger, but its specs are spicier than that

Czinger Vehicles 21C hypercar revealed

Okay, sure, the Czinger 21C sounds like either a menu item offered up by the Colonel, or a new strain of some Eastern European virus, but when you read its specs sheet you might find yourself intrigued.

Note: Czinger Vehicles released more details on the 21C on March 11, and this article has been updated to reflect the extra information.

So let’s look at the headline numbers, according to California-based Czinger Vehicles. And yes, it’s pronounced the same as ‘zinger’, Czinger being taken from founder Kevin Czinger’s name.

Kevin Czinger Presentation Jpg

Power is drawn from a mid-mounted, twin-turbo (each 73mm), flat-plane crank 2.9-litre V8 with at its disposal. That engine’s peak power? That comes at 10,500rpm, before the 21C (for the 21st Century) redlines at 11,000rpm. Yes please.

Czinger says the engine was “in-house developed,” and claims it’s now the most ‘power-dense’ engine in the world. Further specs released by Czinger detail its 84x65mm bore and stroke, a 9.5:1 compression ratio, and full flex-fuel capability.

It’s also got an ‘axial flux’ electric motor at each front wheel for a total output of 932kW.

Czinger 21 C Engine Layout Jpg

Czinger also developed a bespoke method of engine cooling (called Thermal Syphoning) best suited to the 21C, due to its compact nature. Essentially, the process involves pulling cool air from below the engine and ducting it upwards to push hot air (particularly from the turbos and headers) outwards through the decklid.

Still (even as of the mid-March info update) no torque figure has been claimed but we imagine it’d boast plenty, given its 0-100km/h claim is just 1.9 seconds. A 1250kg kerb weight surely helps this, as well as the design being “rooted in aerodynamic efficiency.”

Czinger C 21 Rear Jpg

In total, the 21C weighs 1250kg and with its 1250 horsepower can run to 300km/h – and back to 0km/h – in just 15 seconds. But wait, the same exercise to 400km/h is said to take 29 seconds. That’s a full 13 seconds faster than the Bugatti Chiron is able to do the same.

Czinger claims the top speed of the 21C is 432km/h.

Czinger 21 C Lightweight Interior Jpg

And if 1250kg sounds too much for you? Czinger will offer a track-focused version called the 21C Lightweight with 32kg shaved off its kerb weight.

Only 80 will be built across both versions.


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