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Dubai force shows off supercar fleet

By Aiden Taylor, 12 Feb 2015 News

Dubai police force hits the streets in the world’s fastest supercars

Dubai force shows off supercar fleet

Our boys in blue are patrolling Australia’s roads in a variety of mediocre misery mobiles right now.

The average Aussie police fleet includes base-model V6 Holden Commodores for undercover constabularies, a slightly more desirable V8 model if they’re on highway patrol, or a big lethargic diesel off-roader if you live in the sticks. Sometimes they don’t even use cars, opting for horse-back like it’s 1855.

But if you’re in the business of catching baddies, and you’re trying to catch the average hot hatch hoon, then none of these Aussie squad cars will get the job done – realistically, you need a high-horsepower supercar that can do 300km/h and shoot flames from its exhausts.

This is what the wise Dubai police force has done. It has acquired a fleet of cars so terrifyingly fast that no one in Dubai would dare even attempt to speed away from the law.

And to scare the residents even more, the Dubai force has released a stunningly filmed Fast and Furious-style public service video showing off its squad cars, which include a McLaren 12C, Ferrari FF, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes SLS AMG and G63, BMW M6, Bentley Continental and the mighty Bugatti Veyron enforcer. And this isn’t even all of the squad cars. There’s also a Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin One-77 and Ford Mustang – for the juniors.

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