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Ferrari P80/C revealed as 488 GT3-based one-off track car

By Chris Thompson, 26 Mar 2019 News

Ferrari P80C revealed 488 GT3-based one-off news

Maranello’s new bespoke creation is Ferrari’s “most extreme one-off design ever”

Ferrari has revealed the latest in its line of one-off builds for its wealthier customers, and it’s called the Ferrari P80/C.

Inspired by both the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and the similarly-proportioned 1966 Ferrari Dino 206 S, the P80/C is for the track only, meaning Ferrari’s engineers could make it as wild as they – and the buyer – wanted.

As such, the car began development in 2015, making this the longest development for any one-off Ferrari, with a 488 GT3 race car serving as its base.

“With respect to the Ferrari 488’s classic layout in which the cockpit tends to be placed centrally, the GT chassis allowed the designers to emphasis a cab forward-effect in which the rear is elongated, lending the car a more aggressive, compact character,” Ferrari says.

“This was one of the cornerstones of the P80/C’s styling from the early stages of the design process.”

This allowed Ferrari to better ‘reinterpret’ the 330 and Dino racers into a modern car, albeit one powered by an unrestricted race-built twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8.

According to Ferrari, the P80/C’s front ‘wedge’ and several design elements are direct references to the racing cars it was inspired by.

“The muscular forms of the front and rear wings with the cockpit set in between are emphasised by very broad buttresses that expand towards the side air intakes.

“This gives the impression that the cabin is completely fused with the body, and is accentuated still further by the wrap-around windscreen which references the iconic look of sports prototypes of the past.

“The flying buttresses converge towards the roof underlining the visor effect of the greenhouse.”

As for the prominent lights which were seen on the 330 and Dino, the P80/C’s lights are actually set into small niches above the main grille, 330 P3/P4-style.

“Unlike the 330, however, in the P80/C, said housings are not set into an oval grille but look more like two pockets carved out of the front of the car.”

The client has requested Ferrari create two different setups for the car, one for track driving with all of the aero and fitted with a set of 18-inch racing wheels, and the other an “exhibition package complete with 21” wheels but devoid of aerodynamic appendages.”

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As the car is part of Ferrari’s ‘Special Projects’ program, we’ll likely never know exactly how much the buyer paid for the privilege of owning a one-off Ferrari, nor exactly what the car is capable of. We imagine both are on the extreme end of the scale.